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Compass Construction can perform any phase of the design and planning process that a client would need for all residential and commercial projects. Whether the owner already has an overall concept for their space or needs help in developing design ideas, we can assist an owner to the finished product while providing time and money saving options to increase the value of the project.

To aid in the decision making process, Compass Construction can create simple project estimates that are within 10-20% of the actual cost to give clients a realistic idea of construction costs. If the client decides to pursue a project further, this estimate is then refined to give the client a detailed actual cost of the project that includes exact prices of materials and labor.

Working with governing municipalities, developing documents and information, and ensuring project compliance with local code.

Compass is a licensed residential and commercial construction company. We can perform any construction task from renovating a space to building a new space. Compass can work within any constraints an owner has including construction while the owner is in the home or building within a certain time frame for projects as small as updating a bathroom or renovating the entire home. We can provide all the tools an owner needs to achieve the intended finished product with ease and within their budget.

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